Uniting for a Cause: First Nation Engineering Leads Reconciliation Week Blood Drive

This Reconciliation Week, First Nation Engineering, in partnership with CPC Engineering and Carey Group, is proud to spearhead a vital initiative—leading a community Reconciliation Week Blood Drive to support those in need. Under the banner of #bloodunites, we are coming together to demonstrate our collective commitment to reconciliation and compassion.

By leading the Reconciliation Week blood drive, FNE aims to support critical health needs within our community but also strengthens collaborative ties and solidarity across cultures. This project exemplifies FNE’s commitment to actionable support and community engagement.

The Importance of Blood Donation

Blood, the lifeline of humanity, knows no boundaries. It is the common thread that runs through our veins, binding us together in our shared mortality. With each donation, we reaffirm our commitment to reconciliation and solidarity with First Nations people.

Did you know that the greatest consumers of blood products are often those battling cancer, a disease that has touched the lives of countless individuals and families. By donating blood, you’re not just giving a gift of life; you’re offering hope to those who are possibly in their darkest hours.

The Impact of Your Contribution

In Western Australia, the demand for blood is relentless. Our current reserves are only sufficient for about 7-8 days. By joining our blood drive, your donation can bridge this gap, ensuring that essential blood and blood products are available for those facing health crises. Every pint you donate not only gives hope but can save lives.

We invite you to join us in making a tangible difference. Your involvement in the blood drive can transform lives and strengthen our community. Let’s stand together this Reconciliation Week and show that together, #bloodunites us all.

Donate Blood

If you would like to take part in our Blood Drive for Reconciliation Week 2024, you can go to Red Cross’s Lifeblood Website and find your nearest donation centre.

As we drive this initiative forward, we together not only contribute to the health of our community but also engage in an act of profound unity and reconciliation. Join us in this cause—because every donation is a step towards a united and healthier future.


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