Bandy Creek Weir Reinstatement


Esperance, WA


Italia Stone Group / Department of Transport

Completion Date

April 2020

Bandy Creek Weir Reinstatement

Since the construction of the Bandy Creek Boat Harbour in the mid-1980s, a weir located at the rear of the dredged river mouth has protected the upstream Lake Warden System Ramsar Site from drying out; protected the boat harbour from sediment deposits; and provided a crossing over the creek.

The original structure, together with a second built in 2010 atop the location of first, were both damaged beyond repair as a result of major weather events and flooding.

The third iteration, a rock weir with inbuilt 10m deep vinyl sheet pile cut-off wall together with a separate bridge, all located 50m upstream from the first site, was in part awarded to Carey under subcontract to complete the Bridge Construction, Structural and Services works.

The scope of works included:

  • Install an 85m long vinyl sheet pile cut-off wall along weir alignment.
  • Install 20m long drive tubular piles for bridge foundations.
  • Install precast headstocks and road planks.
  • Install critical services (sewer, water and telecommunications) across the new bridge.
  • Manage the demolition of the existing weir.

As an Aboriginal Business, Carey aimed to provide opportunities for local Aboriginal people and businesses through the works wherever possible.

Carey achieved 28% of project labour through Aboriginal Employees and 8% of contract value delivered by Aboriginal Businesses.

Training and upskilling opportunities were provided for those involved, in the areas of boat operation (coxswain), crane dogging and mobile plant operations. In addition, Carey assisted the local Native Title Aboriginal Corporation to establish their business arm through support and advice.